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where would i find the documentary "wigga please"


Good music ? You are an uneducated piece of wigger trash.

Keep embracing the low brow ghetto negro culture.

What a world we have to look forward too.


I know where you comin from. Im from scotland and there isnt much of a hip hop scene out here so even if i just listen to rap tht makes me a "wigga". Cant even sport a pair of dunks without people thinkin tht i wanna be black. people spend too much time thinkin about what others think, just do what u wanna do, u do tht anyway tho haha


їPuedo tomar obtener una pequeсa foto de su sitio



I fully agree completely..


There's nothing wrong with enjoying black culture and music. You trying to imitate them though looks weird. It would be the same trying to imitate a russian just cause you like russian culture. Or trying to speak in broken mexican english cause you like mexican food. Stick to your own culture my dear, you will be respected more.

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You could not be more right on!

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