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Kelly Bundy

I seriously want to have some breadsticks with Sean Fennessey, though. Seriously.

But the weak roots of this shallow fusion lie in rap- metal from the late 90s, N. E. R. D., and Kanye West’ s decision to sample“ Young Folks”, and“ Stronger”– two well- worn outfits for indie kids, but downright revolutionary to hip- hop heads whose idea of sonic diversity stopped at Stankonia. The pattern’ s there too. Every five or six years or so, hip- hop gets stale and seeks outside inspiration. When the cycle plays out, it closes ranks, retreats and seals itself hermetically. Daisy Age eclecticism was flipped in favor of Golden- Age gangsta rap, rap- rock and late 90s coffee shop bohemia soul were evicted by chrome gangster pop and the nostalgia de la boue of trap- rap.

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