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What's interesting about that is the *true* irony of that scene. While it's supposed to be that this Panther-esque man is married to a white woman, raising (presumably?) her white children, this is actually not significantly ironic. The true irony in the scene is lost on most viewers and possibly the screenwriter. It's that the Panthers were not black nationalists and actually had beef with them because they felt change should be accomplished through coalitions with white people.

While admittedly there is some irony to the fact that some Panthers talked about black pride so much but dated white women once they achieved some fame, it was black nationalists who were staunchly against "race mixing" and who believed white people had no part in achieving revolution and should stay out of black people's lives. Thus, the mixing of black nationalist and Panther ideologies into one character is a representation that is really regrettable for people who
want the Panther's message to survive in today's world.

Anyway, chances are you've considered all this, but I'm really interested in that mythology, because the Panthers' actual message has been completely obscured by it. So it always makes me cringe whenever it pops up--as it almost always does--in depictions of black revolutionaries from that era.


I love the Brady Bunch music going in the background, and who could pass up Bean ice Cream!

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