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Kelly Bundy

I pretty much couldn't disagree with this more--terrible-quotation-choice-belying-a-tone-of-ignorance aside.

Isn't white people watching Chapelle's Show and laughing at the jokes, without understand the true irony and pain behind them, just the mutant child of multiculturalism? I don't see the difference between this and throwing a "ghetto party" as a way of "embracing black culture." Neither does Tim Wise, who wrote an excellent article on this.

Then again, maybe we should just ask that question to Dave Chapelle, since we already know his answer: "Yes it is. It's the reason I quit making the show."

(BTW, I am a huge Chris Rock fan. I think he's the smartest comic out there black or white. I still think you have to have the correct schema going on to understand the complexity of his jokes. If you use a crack joke out of context in an article as a representation of what, as a white person, you missed about the Black American experience, I don't think you're ready.)

Ivan Rice

This article starts out bad enough when this kid says he earned cred for staying at a black school for.....A WEEK!

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