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This is gonna make me sound... any way i look at it i come out a jerk. I didn't read your blog. My opinion is.... so what? if it wasn't for slave owners the african americans in the US would still be living in the planes of africa. That would have been a waste of a resource. OH!

i don't know about you but i'd rather be eating barb-q pork ribs than starving in Africa with aids. ;-)

fuck racial tension. it's played out.


fuck indifference to racism
and the suffering it reaps.

THAT'S "played out."


Hi there

I'd like to respectfully request that in the future when you refer to hatemongers like Ann Coulter, you please refrain from calling her "possible former dude."

I am a transgender person, and you are making fun of me and my community when you say things like this. I'm pretty sure you don't mean to, hence the "respectful request" here. But it is insulting.

If Ann had questioned her gender identity, had confronted the many struggles for truth and authenticity that transgender people do, she would be a person worth listening to, and she would have an ounce of integrity to make up for the total human void she currently is. She might actually _be_ the role model she wishes she were, if she were actually transgender. Maybe she should try it...we all have the opportunity to grow from our mistakes.

Thanks again for not putting excellent people in the same category as Ann Coulter.

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