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I'm no punk expert, but this doesn't sound like punk music at all. I do like the very thoughtful way you posit this album in a historical context.
As always, thank for making me think about something new.


the irony of this clip is- this black face wearing clown speaks of black women with substantially more respect than any of the "hip hop" artists you have mentioned in most of your posts.

name calling notwithstanding, as i am no one's mammy; i would prefer to have someone sing about my smile and the fact that they will walk a hundred miles for me anyday---before referring to me as a bitch, ho, skeez, jumpoff, shawty, baby mama, or ms fat booty.

injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Ivan Rice

"i would prefer to have someone sing about my smile..."

Then fucking try-out for THE BACHELOR. There's a history of art for ages that expresses male (and female) rage and contempt at partner's for heartache, breakup, etc. In punk and hip hop. But how does that make a systematic dehumanization of an entire race of people all the more appropriate if someone decides to sing about that person's "smile"?

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