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Yeah... a show that I wish I didn't love to watch so much... I'm sure the executive producer thinks he's created something groundbreaking... And some of the stuff the show does is useful. But in the final analysis, the writer/producer -- himself a gay wealthy white male -- pathologizes transwomen (in particular -- transmen are conspicuously absent), bisexuals, lesbians and queer people in general.
Almost all the non-heteros are total nutbags!! In one case, a serial rapist, murder and participant in incest (!)

Take the clip you selected above, for example... do white audience members actually dislike Ariel -- the pubescent, "octoroon" neo-nazi? Or are they getting off on her virulently racist statements? She's saying things most white folks wouldn't dare say in front of a mass audience... I'm suggesting that it's a release for a white audience... they can live vicariously through that twit (Ariel)

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