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John Harper

I'm a White separatist, and I LOVE the term 'Whitey'. I don't want to be called that in a derogatory way by non-Whites, but I call my people 'Whitey' all the time. It think that's great.

John Harper

Now that I think about it, I don't give a damn what blacks call us. I associate with them as little as possible, nothing personal. I always thought 'cracker' was stupid, though, knock yourselves out.

John Harper

And about Eminem, et al, please take them off our hands. You are quite welcome to them, God, they are fucking idiots.

Jeff Hitchcock

The term "whitey" was used in the 1960s by black people. Since the 1970s I've never heard a black person use the term. It fell out of use.

But I often hear white conservatives use it nowadays when they imagine what black people are saying about white people. And that's the only place I hear it used. I think someone (a white conservative) somewhere imagined Michele Obama said something about white folks. Michele Obama, or any black person, might have a lot to say about white people, but I really doubt they would use the term "whitey." Let's get real.

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